Buying Tickets

Do I have to purchase tickets to the Atlanta tours in advance?

Yes. Tickets must be purchased in advance on our website, as our Atlanta tours often sell out quickly. We suggest purchasing your tickets early to guarantee your desired tour date, time and number of tickets you prefer. Tickets must be purchased by 8:30 a.m. on the day of the tour.

If a food tour is sold out, can I get on a wait list?

We do not provide a waiting list. If a date and time is sold out, we may add an additional tour on that day. Please email us to let us know what date you are interested in if you do not see availability.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes. To purchase a gift certificate, please click here.

Can I book private group Atlanta tours?

Yes. To arrange a private tour, please contact us.

Does the tour guide accept gratuities?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated for exceeding your expectations, though not mandatory. A tip of 15% is customary in the tourism industry.

The Food

Why take a food tour?

There are SO many reasons to take a food tour and you can find a bunch in this article here, but we basically combine food, history, sightseeing, and culture into an all-inclusive 3 hour experience. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place because every guest in your group will think you’re a genius after booking one of our tours. Don’t believe us?  Check out our reviews from thousands of real guests.

Which restaurants will we visit on the tour?

A list of all the current tasting locations can be found on the tour page. While rare, tasting locations are subject to change.

How much food is served on the tour?

Most guests of Atlanta Food Walks find the tastings are enough for lunch and are comfortably full at the end of our tour (and many folks tell us that they are so stuffed they need to go home and take a nap). We eat small portions at several different restaurants, in total winding up being a nice meal.  Please understand our food tour is not intended to replace multiple meals, so we encourage you to eat breakfast on the morning of the tour.

Do you accommodate food restrictions or allergies?

Yes!  We can accommodate most dietary restrictions with advance notice.  Please indicate your diet restrictions when you book your tickets. We offer options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free guests, shellfish allergic guests, and nut allergic guests.  If you have other dietary restrictions, please contact us before purchasing your ticket so that we can ensure that you will have options on the tour.

I don't have a food restriction but I don't really like certain food items. Can I make changes to the food options while I'm actually on the Atlanta tours?

Our food samplings are carefully pre-selected to highlight the best food our restaurants serve as well as highlight the many types of food that the South has to offer.  For that reason, we cannot make last minute substitutions while on the tour.  We offer 10 to 15 tastings on each tour, so even if there’s one tasting you might not like, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy on our tours.

Do I need to purchase a ticket even if I’m not eating?

Yes. All guests must purchase a ticket whether they plan to partake in the food tastings or not. Non-paying individuals will not be able to join the tour for any reason. The ticket fees help cover the costs of all the food samplings and also to pay for your tour guide’s wages, who offer valuable commentary on historical, architectural, cultural and restaurant aspects of our tours.

Do you offer alcohol on the tour?

Yes. We offer sample sizes of alcoholic beverages on all of our Atlanta tours and those drinks vary depending on the tour.  We do not offer discounts for people who do not partake in the alcohol beverage because we offer non-alcoholic alternatives.

I'm not really a foodie. Are these Atlanta tours right for me?

Here’s a little secret: we hate the word “foodie.” We love food in all its forms, whether it’s fast food french fries or white truffle flecked pastas. Our food walks highlight the best the city has to offer, from home-cooking to barbecue to high end haute cuisine.  You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy our tours; you just have to enjoy eating!

The Tours

How much walking is involved?

Depending upon the tour, the walks range from 1 to 2 miles on easy, flat ground. We walk at a moderate pace and also provide multiple relaxed seated tasting locations. But, we strongly recommend that you wear very comfortable shoes especially since the sidewalks in Atlanta tend to be very uneven!

Is the tour appropriate for Atlanta locals?

Absolutely! We explore off-the-beaten path neighborhoods and restaurants on our tours so that locals can get to know the hidden gems in our own city. Many of our local guests have told us that they never knew about the locations that we visit. Locals particularly enjoy meeting Atlanta owners and chefs and getting a deeper understanding of the history that makes Atlanta such a great place to live. One of our all-time favorite comments was from a local who told us that our tour made her proud to be an Atlantan.

Are we just tasting food? Can't I do that on my own?

Our tours are immersive experiences. We aren’t just tasting food: we are talking about food, culture, history, and art, and tying them all together in a fun and informative experience. There’s something for everyone on our tours.

I have an activity I want to do after your tour ends. Will I have time to get to that activity?

We do our best to keep our tours running on schedule but, occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, our tours run 30 minutes late. Please keep that in mind as you are scheduling your activities for the rest of the day.

Can I take pictures on the tour?

Of course! We welcome cameras and filming throughout the tour.

Is there parking near the starting point of the Atlanta tours?

Yes. There is free parking near the starting point of all of our tours. More information will be provided upon ticket purchase.

Is there public transportation to the starting point of the tour?

Yes. All of our tours start within a short 10 to 15 minute walk from a MARTA (metro) station. More information will be provided upon ticket purchase.

Does the tour begin and end at the same place?

The Downtown Southern Food Walk ends 2 miles away from the start location. The tour ends directly in front of the Atlanta Streetcar so it is easy to take the Streetcar to most other major tourist attractions. If you need to return to the start point to pick up your car, our guides will be happy to help you direct you back.

The Grant Park Past & Future Food Walk ends at the start location.

Will the tour still happen if it rains?

Yes! We operate rain or shine. The food tastes great regardless of the weather. Atlanta’s weather is normally pretty good year round, though we recommend always checking the forecast beforehand, and bringing an umbrella if necessary. On very rare occasions, we will contact you if the tour needs to be cancelled due to severe weather forecasts.

Can I bring pets on the Atlanta tours?

No, pets are not allowed on the tour. The exception would be for a service animal only.

Are children welcome on the tour?

Our walks involve over 3 hours of walking, standing, and eating.  Some children may have limited attention span and this tour may not be appropriate for them.  We also discuss the history of the South — from colonization to the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement — so it is helpful if your child is aware of this history.  Parents, who know their children best, should assess the situation individually.

I am a little worried about walking for 2 miles. Is it a hard walk?

The walks are very flat, with no hills, and we stay mostly in the shade.  We have had guests from ages 2 to 93 walk on our Atlanta tours!  We provide plenty of comfortable seating and try to keep people comfortable and cool.  If a guest is having difficulty walking, our guides are trained to help that person.

Is the tour wheelchair and baby stroller accessible?

Yes. For the Downtown Southern Food Walk, most of Downtown Atlanta is very flat, but some of the sidewalks are uneven and broken. On the Grant Park Past & Future Food Walk, some small areas at Oakland Cemetery are not wheelchair accessible, such as Margaret Mitchell’s grave, but the entire tour is accessible. Generally, we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.

Are restrooms available during the tour?

Yes. Restrooms are available during the tour at selected food-tasting locations.

How do you handle the heat? Do you run Atlanta tours in the summer time?

Atlanta gets hot in the summer time! We try our best to keep our guests cool and comfortable but we always recommend that guests wear cool clothing and carry a bottle of water.

Does the Downtown Southern Food Walk include the National Center for Civil and Human Rights or the King Center?

No. The Downtown Southern Food Walk begins approximately 1 mile away from the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the food tour ends .5 miles away from the King Center.

The end point of the food tour is on the Atlanta Streetcar line so the tour is a perfect accompaniment for the King Center.  Tours finish at around 2:30 p.m., so there is ample time in the afternoon to visit the King Center, the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Mrs. Coretta Scott King’s burial sites.

Dr. King’s birth home requires guided tours and the tickets normally book up very early in the day. If you want to go to the birth home, you will need to drive to the King Center on the morning before the Downtown Southern Food Walk and ask for 4:00 tickets to see the birth home after the food tour ends.