Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta (They Even Have Secret Vegetarian Menus!)

Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta (They Even Have Secret Vegetarian Menus!)

There’s nothing worse for a vegetarian diner than picking up a restaurant menu to find that the only vegetarian-friendly option is, once again, a boring salad or an insipid pasta.  Worry not, friends.

In Atlanta, there are a few restaurants that have made a commitment to innovative and flavorful vegetarian dishes, by providing complete vegetarian menus.  Imagine walking in to a restaurant and being handed a complete menu with course after course of complete vegetarian fare that is as exciting as what is on the meat-eater’s plate.  Sounds like a dream?  Not at these veggie-friendly restaurants that will also please the most bacon-lovin’ carnivore.  Check them out today:

Leon’s Full Service

Glowing reviews of Leon’s will often mention their rotating seasonal cocktail menu, their buckets of frites and house-made sauces, and their commitment to locally-sourced ingredients, but you may not know that they also can provide customers with a vegetarian menu that is as packed and enticing as the main one. Enjoy goat cheese stuffed peppadew appetizers, a warm chickpea and cherry salad, eggplant caponata, and a sumptuous artisanal cheese spread. The house pickle plate (pictured below) is another surprising and under-the-radar treat for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, too.

Photo credit: Paige Sullivan

Photo credit: Paige Sullivan

Restaurant Eugene

Here, it’s all about the vegetable tasting, which guests may choose instead of the Chef’s Tasting, and includes shiitake mushroom tartar, roasted roots and plums, kale and field peas, persimmon, and a finish of pomegranate paired with white chocolate and chartreuse. Another vegetarian-friendly option is the Southern vegetables dinner entree. Owned by Chef Linton Hopkins, Restaurant Eugene blends neighborhood comfort and charm with fine dining, making this a great place for a special occasion meal.

Restaurant Eugene

Photo credit: Star Chefs

Takorea – Midtown

For a more casual dining experience in the heart of Midtown, ask for the vegetarian menu at Takorea, where all the selections are fun fusions of Korean and Mexican dishes. Enjoy tempura sweet potato appetizers, tofu and portobello takos, or a marinated zucchini banchan. The house sangria holds up, too, as do the $10 beer buckets on Thursday trivia nights.

Photo credit: Takorea Midtown

Seasons 52 – Buckhead

Seasons 52 offers up a pretty hefty vegetarian menu, from appetizers to salads to sides. Start with blistered shishito peppers or an artichoke and goat cheese flatbread. A warm roasted tomato caprese or warm harvest mushrooms and arugula salad might come next, before you dig into the cedar plank roasted tofu. There’s an impressive selection of side dishes, too, from charcoal roasted veggies to broccolini to carmelized brussel sprouts. A menu ready-made for a vegetarian feast, perhaps with a blueberries with lemon curd finish.

Seasons 52 vegetable tasting

Photo credit: 365 Atlanta

10th & Piedmont

Another restaurant in the heart of Midtown, 10th & Piedmont offers a dinner tapas menu filled with vegetarian options. The 10p salad comes with currents and champagne vinaigrette, or dip wonton crisps into the pimento diablo mousse, and the paella is full of fennel, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, saffron, and spring peas. Other veggie options include the grilled asparagus masala, wild fire mushrooms, and the enticing triple threat mac and cheese.

10th & Piedmont

Photo credit: Communitas Hospitality

True Food Kitchen

With locations across the country, True Food Kitchen has also found a place in Atlanta, offering customers a menu replete with fresh options for “a non-inflammatory diet.” Savor an organic Tuscan kale salad and a “TLT”–a tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich–or a mushroom pizza and heaping spaghetti squash casserole. True Food also has you covered if you prefer not to drink alcohol. Their “natural refreshers” selection includes kale-aid, matcha horchata, and vanilla lemongrass sparkling tea.

True Food Kitchen natural refreshers

Photo credit: True Food Kitchen

Other recommendations of great vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city? Let us know in the comments!